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By Anthony
I thought I would start this list by adding some things I find I just can't do around the house. :mrgreen:

1. Fold that bottom sheet with the elastic in the corners... impossible.
2. Iron clothes properly
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By reaperman
I cant remember which throw rug goes where. My wife has rugs in the entry way, in front of the sink, a couple in each bathroom, in front of the couch, chair, in our bedroom, etc. I dont pay attention and she gets po'd when I put one in the wrong spot??? Like it matters.

And fix the bed before bedtime. I jump in, grab covers, cover-up, done! She comes in and says the covers on her side are hanging higher or lower than on my side, big deal. Not to her, they must be even to sleep right?

Laundry, I grab a pile of dirty cloths (when I actually do laundry) throw them in the washer, push a couple of buttons, done. Wrong again. I guess they have some kind of system.

In my opinion, women make work for themselves. Take this week for example. My wife is in Arizona with a friend. I'm home alone ( :D ). The usage on everything in our house will be cut by 80% with her gone. I'll only have to run the dishwasher one time before Saturday. I'll only have one bag of household trash to take out. Our eating bar area will clear of whatever she decides to store there before actually putting away. If she were home, the dishwasher would be full daily and ran each evening, there would be a bag of garbage to take out every day, and she'd come home with a bunch of stuff we most likely dont need and it would take up all the space on our eating bar area.
By Tinhorn
"In my opinion, women make work for themselves"

several days ago the cat came in with a mouse, course it got away in the house, so what, he will catch it later but my wife said I was a "great white hunter" and trap it. Oh go, Oh-kay! I got one and told her to get a piece of sandwich ham from the refrigerator. She got a saucer and put a slice on it and cut of a 1/4" piece with a knife ??? What was wrong with Pinching a piece with a finger? Now it has to be washed etc etc... she just said I was too lazy

I guess I am
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