If it aint related to one of the other forums, then this is the place for it !!! Enjoy!
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By dbaxter
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By reaperman
She sums it up again. I have a good friend who happens to be a Dr. He told me last year most viruses come in 4 stages. As they mutate, they generally get weaker. Covid seems to be following that pattern so far.
By CanadaJack
We used to people watch, now we mask watch, it's hilarious, a guy and his wife are walking down the street one's wearing a mask the other isn't, they'll come into the bar, go and sit with other people and the one will remove the mask then if they have to use the restroom they put the mask back on to go and come back. when they leave the place the mask goes back on. Goofy but fun to watch!
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By csb
Read on a forum where a nurse sent in 2 unused Test Swabs for testing. They both came back +. Sent 4 more in the next day, same way, unused. They all came back as tested Positive also. I don't doubt it one bit!!!
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By dbaxter
A woman that my supervisor knows had an appointment to be tested for Covid. She got the results back a few days later & was notified that she had tested positive for Covid. She had cancelled her appointment and had never been tested!
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