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By panthony1948
I just purchased from Goodwill a used Moultrie M-500 (MCG-12630) 1st generation camera which is "locked". Moultrie gave me the procedure to enter on the camera to retrieve the 10-12 digit security retrieval code to give to Moultrie for them to provide me with the camera's 5 digit security code. The procedure is as follows to get the code to give to Moultrie: Press the "menu" button twice, then press the "up" button then the "down" button, repeat pressing the "menu" button twice then press the "ok" button and the 10 digit code will appear in the LCD screen which you can give to Moultrie to get the lost security code. Unfortunately, on this camera, the 'menu" button isn't fully functional and doesn't register when I press for this procedure. From what I have determined any 1st generation M-550 camera can be used to get the retrieval code for Moultrie but I don't have one to do that with. So does anyone have a 1st generation M-550 that they can use to get that number? To do so, your camera has to have a securtiy code lock function or it will not retrieve a number. This procedure does not alter your camera settings nor your 5 digit security code. If anyone would use this procedure and reply with the 10 digit number it would be appreciated. By the way, this number will only work on an M-550, as each model camera has its own code. Thanks
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