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By outdoorsfellar
I just now got around to replacing my displays. Moultrie was quick to respond & sent them out to me all within a week ! Thanks to the pictorial instructions here, I had one of them replaced before I finished my 1st beer ... which is probably a good thing... :lol:
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By Teanaway
Hats off to Moultrie. I had four cameras that had faulty displays (within 3 months of each other - amazing!) and they sent me four new LCDs, no questions asked.

Big thanks to Treek. Only problems I had were due to not reading your instructions. Twice I forgot to place the on/off switch in its slot before putting everything back together. Grrrrrr! Just another sign of aging.

Thanks everyone!
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By outdoorsfellar
Well crap, the replacement screen in the I-60 is going bad. Just makes me wonder when my I-40 replacement will poop out.
By TexasCanesFan
Well I just placed my 2009 replacement I-60 out a month or so ago and went to pull the card on Saturday at the deer lease....Guess what?!?!?!? LCD screen is out AGAIN. This is the very first time it has been used since it came back from Moultrie.

The most important time I need it and it is out....OF COURSE.

This has become an annual event now. At least I am consistent.

I exchanged my original I-60 in 2007 after the screen went out.

Sent it back to Moultrie in Fall of 2008 after the screen went out.

Sent it back to Moultrie in Fall of 2009 after the screen went out.

Now I get to once again spend my money in shipping for my annual I-60 repair job.

It is still in warranty, so I do not want to do the repair myself.

This is just beyond belief.
By dougp
Do these same replacement LCD's work in the older Moultrie GameSpy 200's? (DGS-200).

In the past I have been able to source the failed displays from Moultrie, but they have stopped as they say they are no longer available. The display I have in my DGS-200 has these numbers on the back. AM0003R-01 (top line), 0643-001316 (bottom line).
This camera runs on the large 6V lantern battery. This is the for runner of the i40/i60 camera. I have several of these and the LCD's fail one a year or so. Otherwise, these are rock solid units.

My LCD board has a 14 pin (2x7) socket. I can provide pictures if that would help.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

By Treek
I'm not sure, but from the description it may work. Just call Moultrie and tell them your i40 display went out and you want a replacement. When you get it, see if it works.

Also, I found this repair tidbit if you are willing to try from another site.

"Hey there! That seems to be a common problem on them. My I60 recently began doing the same thing, but I was able to fix it myself very easily using this page as a guide. ... oning-LCD/

I however, used a hot melt glue gun with no glue in it, to warm up the old glue on the ribbon cable. Pressed firmly while I heated it up and then applied a new bead of glue. Works perfectly now, I was really amazed!"
By tech
If moultrie sends you out new displays, are they easy to replace? I'm very mechanically inclined, so I don't think I'd have a problem. Do you have to do any soldering to put the new ones in?
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By Engineer
There is no soldering involved in replacing the screens. You do need a few sizes of small screwdrivers. I would suggest buying a set of precision screwdrivers so you don't destroy the heads of the screws. There are two PCBs that need to be removed to get to the LCD display all the boards plug together. No soldering unless you break one of the battery or sensor wires that are attached to the front panel.

If you try the "melt the glue" trick from that Treek mentions, it does work on most of the displays. I used a putty knife or scraper and heated it to about 250F-300F. Low temp glue guns are about 250F and high temp glue guns are about 380F. Solder melts at 360F - 370F. Try to keep the putty knife to about 250F to 300F (Test it on a hot glue stick if you don't have a touchless IR temperatures sensor tool or a temperature sense wax pen) and apply even pressure across and straight down on the ribbon cable where it attaches to the circuit board. If it does not work also try this at the ribbon cable where it attaches to the glass LCD.
By nunezhomerep
Hello. i will pay $7.00 for all your defective displays. I Just fix them and sell them again. The problem is not the lens pinching the display. I have fixed a lot of displays and I have a lot for sale on ebay. The D40 is the same display and it fit on i40 & i60 cameras. Also i have alot of parts available. Go the following link: ... :MESELX:IT

now you just have to remove and install the refurbished display. No soldering require.
Thank you
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By Chachoze
I have been trying in vain to order one from moultrie but their service dept leaves much to be desired.
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