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By barrym
I have two Moultie I40 cameras -- both about 2 years old. Routinely, when I bring the disks back to my computer, though the disks show 200 "pictures", 90% of them have nothing in them but the background.

It doesn't matter if it's daytime or night. Both are equally defective. I point the camera north, don't place it in front of weeds, brush, have good batteries, etc.

Attempts to reach Moultrie have been unsuccessful. After (twice) waiting on hold for 20 minutes, I gave up speaking to a live person. My email to them received a very terse response.

I get the idea that Moultrie is a "let the buyer beware company" where "service after the sale" is non-existent.

Anybody else have problems with the (2009) Moultie I 40 and/or Moultrie service in general?
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By T-post
I like the I40s, they were pretty good cameras. Sounds to me like it's time to replace your cameras that are 2+ years of age. I've had decent customer service out of Moultrie; you've got to realize that you cameras are long out of warranty...even if you stayed on hold for an hour and finally talked to a rep, they'd say that the warranty is up...

If you want good cameras with outstanding customer service, you should consider the Covert line of cameras. There are several Covert dealers on this forum; I buy mine from Rick at CAMO:
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By T-post
^ my 07 i40 is still going strong.

I too have an I40 still going strong :P ...I'm not sure when I bought it, but it has the metal thumb knobs instead of the plastic thumb knobs that the newer models had.
By rat trapper
I have two of the Moultrie I40's that I picked up in Sept 2010 when Gander Mountain was selling them as discontinued cams. I've now run them for two seasons and they are still taking very good pictures. Mine have the plastic nobs, but they work. I think for $120 they were a good deal.
By Texmel
I have 4 moultrie D40 cams and they function just fine. Pics are great; however, on windy days just about anything will set em off. My only complaint is that they are extra large and just love to eat up the D Batts.
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By wv-outdoor
I have one I60 out of two that still works and I get some great photos from it.

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