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Anyone know how to crack into one of these? Step by step ever been posted? Search turned up nothing.
My problem is too much heat, leaky batteries, corroded terminals. I did baking soda and light dremmel tool work on the removable battery tray terminals but camera still will not turn on.
Looks like 3 more stationary terminals mounted inside the camera that I need to clean. I really didn't want to put the soda inside the camera, except as a last resort.
I'm assuming there has to be some way of taking these things apart? Right? If so, can it be broken down far enough to gain better access to the internal terminals?
It's an older model like this one.....
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By csb
Broom, I have an IRXT that I had problems with a corroded battery contacts. I took the tray all apart, cleaned all the contacts and replaced/resoldered the battery tray connections. That worked for me. Also put Dielectric Grease on all the contacts when I was finished.
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By Jake
There are small Phillips screws on the back. They are probably full of debris as they are down in the case like a inch or so. I would take compressed air and blow the holes out or a tiny pic tool or paper clip to clean out the holes before you run the screw driver in there.. Think there is 6 of them.

But them screws out will get the case split and you can poke around from there.

Good luck and keep us updated.
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By Broomtown
Yep. I see the holes now. Gonna take a while to clean out all the gunk packed in the screw holes. Really tiny screws.
Thanks for the help. It may be a couple of days before I get to work on it. I'll post back the results.
Finally got this camera apart. Not too difficult. Just be sure to clean out the holes in the back cover and blow them out with canned air or compressor before attempting removal of screws. Heads are easy to strip out. You will need a very small phillips screwdriver. Reassembled and everything seems to be working now. Maybe this will help others...




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