Use this forum to post questions and issues for discussion related to Moultrie cameras. Note: Please post threads pertaining to cellular cams in the "Cellular Trail Camera Discussion" forum.
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By MoultrieProducts
Moultrie Users,
Moultrie is pleased to launch the Moultrie Trail Camera and Product Forum at:

While developing Moultrie Mobile, we decided that we needed a platform to interact directly with users. We see it as a helpful trouble-shooting and knowledge-sharing site: a place to look for answers, tips/tricks, and other insight from the Moultrie Product Team and members of the Moultrie user community. We also hope it becomes a place where users can give us product feedback and ideas for enhancements.

The role of this forum is fundamentally different than Chasingame. We read Chasingame, but have always felt uncomfortable engaging on this forum. It is an independent site and we don't want our presence to disrupt or influence that in any way. Our own forum will provide a more appropriate platform for the company to interact directly with our community of users.

Keep your eye on our social media channels (Facebook). We will likely run a Moultrie Mobile giveaway in coming days to encourage people to register on the new forum.

Best to you all for a successful scouting season...

Moultrie Product Team
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By Mjn1979
Can we come and "advertise" our forum on yours as well? :lol:

:lol: :mrgreen: :shocked:
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By MoultrieProducts
Can we come and "advertise" our forum on yours as well? :lol:

Sure 8)
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By T-post
I just checked out the Moultrie forum, and I must say that I like what I see....Moultrie has made a smart decision to support and troubleshoot their cellular products via a company forum.
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