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Hi Guys hope you can help. Seems I can't get any information so hope someone can help. I have 2x M1100i cameras and now both do not show video/pic at night., 4 or 5 of the black light led's look blown. Can I replace these as Moultrie can't help. Yet they still sell them down here. Thanks for any help
regards Glen
Your camera still records video but there is no illumination ?

If you take it into a dark room, armed, facing you and use your cell phone in camera mode you can watch the LEDs fire.

Have you done this?
Hi Anthony sorry for the late reply did not get a note to say a reply was given.
It records day great. Night video and camera triggers but screen/picture is blank. The LED's are defiantly blown as you can see they are brown in appearance rather than the clear that they should be.
Have done as you suggested and no lighting up?
regards glen
Normally the LEDs are on a board by them selves and can be replaced but Moultrie does not sell parts. Maybe finding a refurbished unit online or used one and have yours for spare parts. I don't think I can help you.

You might try asking Moultrie customer service to send you an LED board.... its worth a try.
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