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By sgt413
I just came from Battery Warehouse looking for a 12 volt SLA battery. I told the manager I wanted SLA because at full charge I could not have over 12 volts. He told me I would never get that unless I depleted the charge. He said all SLA batteries will give you more than 12 volts when fully charged. He took several off the shelf and put a digital volt meter on them and they were all very close to 12.6 volts.

My question is what type of SLA battery are you using that you are not getting over the 12 volts at full charge?
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By sgt413

I think I answered my own question. Let me know if I have this right. When you measured your voltage you were using an analogue meter not a digital. Therefore, the Stealth battery may give off more than 12.00 volts at full charge. It just isn't giving off too much to harm the camera so far.
You are exactly right. SLAs do charge slightly over 12 or 6V but right at what you mentioned and quickly drain down to 12 or 6V once the camera is operating. My analog meter shows my Stealth battery slightly over 12V after a charge but as you say, not as easy to read as the digital.
The problem arises when one use a car or golf cart battery at full charge which could go over 1.5V over what the battery is rated and this could fry the cam since the battery amp hours are much higher and they will maintain the higher voltage (13.5V) for a longer period of time. People that use the bigger batteries say they work fine if they draw them down to 12V using a light or trolling motor. Letting them sit for a day or two after charging works too. I might try using a bigger battery but where I put my cams it would kill me carrying them. :)
Well be care full, I have two d-40 that has burnt up with the moultrie power panel. both within 6 weeks of hooking them up. saw a post on another forum that someone called moultrie and was told to use no more than 9 volt sla. If so why do they sell the 12 volt power panel? Do the I and M series take more than 6 d batteries? the next one they send me will not be hooked up to any outside source.
By sgt413
I have had the 12 volt set up on my D-40 in my backyard for the last two days. I have taken over 1,000 pictures and battery life is still at 99%. I do not have the solar panel hooked up.

What I am seeing is that if the D cell batteries are not in the camera, it goes into sleep mode and does not wake up every time. When I have the D-Cell batteries in the camera, I do not have the problem. Any ideas why? I know Inspector says he kept his D-cells in but why do they need to stay in.?
I have run an I-40 for around a year now on a 12V SLA with no ill effects and have an D-40 out now on the same. It might be a good idea to not completely charge the battery up if this is what Moultrie is saying. Maybe their panel/battery combo is never completely charged up to 12V even in direct sunlight.
Good deal.
I think my I-40 has been out 3 months now on a charge. It takes around 100 pics a week now at the feeder since the acorns started falling and the deer and coons could care less for corn.
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