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By j-bo
Yes. When I add samples I update the date as well. IS that confusing for people ?

Maybe just me? :oops:

Usually when I see the "update" listed I thought I saw a date and description about the update. Didn't know when samples were loaded that this didn't happen. Now I know so no big deal.

I ordered an SG 560 V and took it out of the box yesterday. I didn't have any problems using the remote to program the date / time stamp, pixel size, interval time, etc. But when I tried to view the test shots with the remote all I got was a brief black screen then it went back to the main remote screen. I was able to view the test pictures with the USB cable on my computer, but not from the color remote. Has anyone else had this problem? I had to get an RMA from HCO and send it back. Disappointing because I was sending it out to my new farm in Illinois where we just implemented an entire Whitetail Institute program on the property. Imperial whitetail clover, alpha rack, 30 / 06 mineral and protein sites, protein licks, etc. I was super anxious to see what all the hard work was doing for deer count on the property considering I live in Pa. And I was fortunate to get hooked up with a great farmer who is an outdoor enthusiast as well. I don't want to have to send my Capture IR out due to the poor battery life. I can't expect the landowner to be out checking cameras for me every week blowing up the property and bumping the deer. Also is the 3 week turn around time on service issues an accurate time frame for getting the camera back? First time poster just looking for a little feedback.


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