Chasingame will showcase cameras by creating slideshows of various cameras for both stills and video modes. Members are encouraged to do the same. Enjoy!
Watch this clip to get a feel for the transitions. I select "Random Transitions" in the software. Because of the recompression and lower frame rate on EITW it can look a little jumpy but on my pc at home it is nice and smooth.

This is something that users have asked for and I got this in over the weekend. Thanks for your continued support.

<click to play>
In the settings, there is a checkbox dealing with checking for updates. You can check this box to stop the software from checking for updates. If not, when you launch it will report that there is a new update and will launch the webpage with the download link.

You will then download the setup as before and run the install to update your version. There is no need to uninstall first.

It does not auto-update in the background. You simply click the download again like you did when you first downloaded.

Does this make sense ?
Yep, already did that. It really is self explanatory. I guess you have the the default already built in upon installation to automatically check for updates. Piece of cake. Finally played with it a bit. I was changing frame borders...LOL I have a lot to learn yet. I just need to get all my cameras running so I can get a ton of pics and run this program through it's paces properly.
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