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He was an inspiration . A terrific guy . I was so happy for him getting that big buck last fall while hunting from a wheelchair. Im sure he had the same love and dedication to his family as he had for hunting

I will miss him .

X3! :(
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By dbaxter
He will be missed! :cry: Prayers & condolences for his family.

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By cosmos24
Condolences to all family an friends.
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By Ol Arky
Just got out of the hospital myself and saw this... Prayers to his family from Arkyville...
By GTOHunter
FarmDude will be
missed dearly by all of Us..I couldn't believe how many different Sites he was an active Member of!He enjoy talking with everyone and could probably out Hunt the best of Us too!Prayers go out to Him and His Family.I learned about his passing on our Missouri Whitetail Hunting Site...He was on many other Sites devoted to Hunting and enjoying the Outdoors.

God Bless You FarmDude!
Got an update from a member on another site

I don't know why, but my thoughts have been on others here today and I looked back at the thread on Farmdude and his untimely passing. We had a phone number, and I thought about it back then, but I refrained from calling in order not to intrude on the family at that awful time. Well today I decided it had been long enough and did call and had a very meaningful conversation with Mrs Sletten. I told her that he was so well respected and thought of here and that we all missed him. She was very appreciative without becoming emotional. She commented on his love of hunting and how he just refused to let his disability slow him down. She indicated she was not internet savvy and that many folks who knew him online still were unaware of the tragedy.

As far as his accident was concerned we only knew it was called a hunting accident. I thought probably a fall or the like. Sadly, it was a full fledged hunting accident. Paul was out in that custom van of his and had a spotting scope set up in the window. He evidently had something spotted and was preparing to get after it. She described it as "He had that little short muzzleloader and he was loading it in the van and it went off somehow, and that was it". So there it is. Hopefully he never knew what hit him and was gone without suffering any. We all know things like that happen, but it hits home deeply when it is someone we know and care for.

Mrs. Sletten seemed at peace with it and sounded pleased and touched that I called, and wanted my name and address to send me the funeral program and music program from the service and visitation. Of course I accepted and if any of you have interest I will make it available when it arrives. I heard the other phone ring in the background as our conversation ended, and she indicated she needed to get it as, "The boys are all out in the fields doing the planting." So life on the farm goes on, as it always has.

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By dbaxter
Thanks for posting that Johnny!

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