Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
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By ribsyj
Thought of buying a few of these cheap antennas. Then use some double sided tape to secure to side of camera. With so many remote cameras the average scumbag may think it sends pic out. What do you all think??
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By NantucketShedHunter
A bum will steal it with or without an antenna on it. The trick is to put your cameras where you don't think they will go and find it.
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By ribsyj
Ya I mount them high. I take my lone wolf sticks and get them bout 15ft. But thought for couple bucks wouldn't hurt.
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By ribsyj
I'm not sure the average thief is smart enough to know what an antenna on a camera means.

Good point lol
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