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By Roscoe
Just got in from the hospital. Doctor seemed pleased with his work. Once he got in there he said he could see why she had been so miserable. He thought she should see some good results/relief with the procedure. I hope he is right. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers.
By Big JohnP
Happy to hear the good news. :D Hope she has a speedy recovery.
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By ClayPeacock
Good news, glad to hear it. I hope she just keeps improving.

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By Ol Arky
Glad to here good news... Hope she improves and feels better soon...
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By Roscoe

Well, mom's back surgery seems to be a success at this point. Its been 2 weeks and her recovery from this one as compared to the one last June is light years a part. Most of her pain is gone as well as the numbness in her feet. She's pretty week as she's 71 and has had limited physical activity for the last year, but at this point I'm pretty optimistic that's she's going to get some of her old life back.

Thanks for all the prayers and thoughts you folks have sent my way. I can't tell you all how much I appreciate it. :mrgreen:

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By Ol Arky
Glad to here that Ross... :mrgreen: :mrgreen:
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By Chachoze
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