Please post ideas for security features, mounting brackets and stands. Please include photos and designs for everyone to see.
By puhlw
So no really in love with Cuddebacks "genius mount" on their cameras. Not a bad idea but there tilt and pivot mount requires screwing it to a tree which is nice for security but Im sure Ill get out there and forget the tools to install or remove it from the tree.

HME makes a cuddeback to 1/4-20 adapter but thought I would try making one on my own. Took the bracket that came with the cuddeback E3 and used a bench grinder to remove most of the bottom screw hole. (left a little extra meat behind for strength) Then drilled a 1/4" hole and mounted it to my slate river mount. Was worried it would break, but seems very strong.

I have a picture but not sure how to attach/paste it in here?
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By T-post
That looks sweet and simple! :P

You've almost got the picture posting thing mastered. :D The Photobucket IMG link automatically adds the [img] text to both ends of the link data, so you don't need to....simply click on the Photobucket IMG box to copy, then paste into your Chasingame can click on preview to confirm that your post appears as you intend for it to.
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