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By slay
I remember seeing it and it actually drew my attention cause I didnt at first glance know what it said. lol
I think a glittery flashing Gif image would look good on here myself. :P

The least he could have done was give me pink. :lol:
Now that would almost be stereotyping....LOL
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By Roscoe
Prostaff only, right? Not beta testers, correct?

I would say no. If that is what you are doing, I would just post something to that effect at some point. That's basically what Libby did when she started beta testing the Spartan for HCO.
By phade
I am not testing or prostaffing for a cam company currently. I just wanted to better understand the requirements. I know several people have beta tested or are involved with financial benefit to Spartan, and I never saw a signature. So, if beta testing, you just need to say something to that effect in a post but no signature required? Fairly sure Libby never had a sig to that effect, unless I am mistaken, which is possible.

I appreciate you providing clarity on it should I decide to work with a company going forward.
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By Roscoe
No not required for beta testing. Libby pm'd us when she started doing the beta testing and asked what she needed to do. Anthony just advised her to make a statement that she would be beta testing for HCO, which she did.

You have more info on beta testers than I do as Libby is the only beta I know about. If you'd like to pm me with a list of active members who beta test for camera companies, I'd be happy to address it with them privately.

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