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By badjedi
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By rebbie
Not sure if you ever got them to play but they have to be the worst quality video I have ever seen! My E3 videos were ok during the day time but at night they are useless! Deer has to be right on top of camera to see anything, and the quality is so poor! I sent my E3 back recently to put a regular IR flash in. I had to pay 25.00 to convert it but better than having a useless camera.
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By FredG
i cant seem to play the videos on my computer using media player. what is everybody using for sites to play these videos ? thanx for any info

The Lord works in mysterious ways and never let it be said that He is without mercy! However, He has never spared me from the painful viewing of Cuddeback videos on either Windows 8 or Windows 10 with the default video player. You have apparently led a life much more deserving than I! :wink: Some of the comme[…]

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