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By LibbyLA
We are currently running 11 GoCams, soon to be 12. My feeling after dealing with Spartan cameras for a year and a half is that what appear to be false triggers generally are not. There may be something just out of frame or sometimes there's something in the background. We're using one camera to monitor a road and we get "false triggers" fairly often because vehicles are moving faster than the animals that the camera is designed to photograph. I am 99.9% sure when I get two apparent false triggers a couple or three minutes apart that it's a vehicle going to the turnaround then coming back.
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By T-post
I've got two GoCams; my experience has been that they have the same number of false triggers as most of my other cameras. Additionally, I find that when I thoroughly examine a photo that is a "false trigger", I often find that it actually isn't, rather it was triggered by a squirrel or bird....

Much of false triggering is a byproduct of the location/setup; if the wind is swaying the camera tree, that's motion and that results in a trigger. Many of my cameras are at locations where there's a lot of white limestone and gravel; I find that such locations tend to absorb heat as the day progresses, and then later radiate heat, causing false triggers.

I used to get frustrated when a camera (any make or model) would take an empty picture, but later I realized that it's no big deal...I don't mind going through some empty pictures to see some that do capture a desired target. After all, if the camera was so "un-sensitive" that it didn't take any false triggers, it would miss some legitimate triggers as well.

The cool thing about the Spartan GoCam is that I can remotely adjust my PIR sensitivity as the season/weather/environment changes....which is absolutely awesome! :D
I thought I was getting a lot of false triggers on my GoCam. After inspecting the pictures closely I noticed animals or birds in every picture that I never noticed at first glance. Most of my sets are in the thick stuff to avoid theft of my cameras. The camera is picking up deer walking in the thick brush in the background. It also picks up subjects as they first enter the frame. Much of the time there will be 1/2 of the deer's nose in the frame.
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By LibbyLA
I'm viewing this while on the road and I see several pics. Have to scroll all the way to the bottom. It's not easy for me to check much until I get home but JDH's bear photo is pretty recent and the deer feeder pic from TX should be current.
Sorry, didn't read the topic when I made my last post. That's actually an old picture, something does seem off with the live cams here.

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