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By rebbie
Did anyone else today notice that 2 cameras now show on the app and Portal? I only have one camera. The same photos are on each camera. No idea what that's about?
Can you delete one out?

No I could not at the time. When I spoke to Covert earlier about the problems with my camera, I mentioned how my portal now showed 2 cameras, they said they were aware of this issue and that it was a glitch in the system. It eventually went away and is now back to showing one camera.
I just received any email last week with the attached firmware so I could try it in one of my 2015. I'm not about to perform in all till I see if I like it or not. The firmware would not take utilizing several different manufacture and size of SD cards. Covert stated they looked into my issue. I have down loaded the App in advance.
Update I received an email from covert yesterday that SIM cards were mail out and I should be receiving them either before Monday if not on that day.
Thanks for the update. I am waiting for my update package also. I'm somewhat apprehensive about installing it. I have a good camera now and am afraid the update will screw things up. See 2016 cameras.

Question, how did you get the firmware?
Did you save the firmware to your desktop first before loading to sd card. Also make sure to lock sd card after saving fw to sd card before sticking it in camera
Yes I know how to work the SD cards and fallow their instructs that came with the email. I did receive two SIM cards today in the mail and will upgrade one of the 2015s to tinker with until August when I'll deploy them for deer season.
I put in the new SIM and turned the camera on and the camera did not state update complete. The normal look through the lens and see through. I also noticed there was no signal with the SIM card in which brings me to the question does the service need to be active which would unlock the FM ware to update the 2015 camera?
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