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By LibbyLA
So here's a screen cap of the part of our phone bill for the VZW camera. Where we are, that $5 is actually $8.87 by the time all the fees and taxes are tacked on, which ends up being a little bit more than the $8.33/month we pay for AT&T, which is $25/3 months/1 G and we don't pay anything additional on the $25.

Not complaining, mind you, there's a lot to be said for the convenience of paying for the camera on the regular cell bill, and VZW users in other areas may not have this much in additional fees.

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By rebbie
Interesting. I will have to check my bill next month and see what my actual cost is. I know for a fact that in my area Verizon service is much better. I also know that on my friends farm in Iowa, AT&T service is non existent. I have been waiting for a Verizon camera for some time now. I guess the bottom line is you have to see what service works best for the area that your camera will be deployed and go from there.
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By rebbie
I got my first bill and the way I read it, with tax and fees it's $5.60 a month.
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By MH60RGunner
So excuse my not understanding, but I am an existing Verizon consumer and looking to purchase Spartan VZW and am getting a little confused on which one to buy. M2M, pre-paid ect, ect.. Could anyone break down for me? Thanks

I believe this is the one that you want if adding to your existing Verizon plan, this is the blackflash model.

Camera, Spartan, GoCam (Connected by Verizon), Wireless, Blackout IR (GC-VCTb) ... ut-ir.html
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By LibbyLA

JDH is correct. You definitely want the Connected Device one. The M2M (machine to machine) is for people who don't have a Verizon phone/data plan or need whatever the benefits of M2M are. That's probably not us consumers in most cases.
By michbow
If you have a Verizon account and don't want to run the camera between let's say December and May, can you notify Verizon to take it off your bill and then have them add it back on when your ready? Are there any additional Verizon charges associated with activating and deactivating the camera?
Yes you can cancel and reactivate at any time. There was an activation fee but that was reimbursed to me, that was there policy at the time, not sure about the activation fee now.
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