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I don't know anything about bucks and scrapes and how much time they spend so I was just looking at the big picture and thinking about timing. You needed to try it for yourself because you may have been right that you could get two pictures of a buck with real time on and only one with real time off. Now you know that you're going to get one picture with real time on, not two, so you might as well not leave it on and you can share that knowledge with others.

The important thing is to be aware of the different settings you can use, the pros and cons of each, and then figure out what works best for you in your particular situation.
I did get more than one photo sometimes but most of the time only one. The camera was taking another photo usually about 33 seconds later with real time on. I learned my lesson. :oops:
This one came in tonight after turning real time off and changing the thumbnail image to the larger one. I think this is a buck we call Flash that my friend passed up 2 years ago.


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