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6V is critical. You need a power supply that can supply at least 2A. Over on the amps is okay, the camera will only pull the amps required. Over on the voltage too much and it will likely fry. Volts are constant, amps only show up when actually being used.
Amperage or voltage? Not sure on the amps but the volts should be around 6.
By Craig
So my panel has been sitting in the sun and I have a 12v battery. The panel is saying 34v and battery is reading 27.3 volts. From the battery to the plug from covert its reading 12.4V. Where am I'm going wrong and shouldn't the plug be reading 6v going into the camera
Craig are you running the covert 6v converter? I just assumed you were, bad assumption on my part.
By Craig
Yes I am using the covert converter. My buddy has same setup and he keeps burning up his 12v batteries. Could the panel be putting out too many volts to burn them up. He's saying his panel is around 18v.
A 12v panel will put out 16-18 volts in direct sunlight. If you're getting 34 volts from your panel that's way too high. Also if you're using a panel over 5 watts I suggest a controller to limit the battery overcharge. There have been many problems with the covert converters so be careful with them. Although if your panel is putting out 34v that may have been the cause of the issue with the converter.
By Craig
It's a stealth solar panel. It says 12v 4 watts. It's kind of overcast. I have it outside once sun comes back out. I'll go check it again. My buddy did have one of the converters catch fire.
By treetop
Overcharging can be a problem with Lead acid batteries. I am far from a expert on this but when using a low amp solar panel usually will not allow overcharging. If you have a higher amp solar panel and or lots of sun I believe there very well can be a issue

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