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Hello everyone. In my area ATT shut down their 2G network on 1/4/17 rendering my 2013 2G special ops code black's cellular capabilities useless on the att network. T-mobile is still offering 2G but I didn't see any plans that were similarly priced to the roughly $18 a month I was paying for the trail cam on ATT on a family plan. Long story short I bought a speedtalk mobile sim card and like $7 of worth of service and I'm trying to setup my 2013 2g covert on it but keep getting a 3946 network busy error message when I try to send a test picture.

I'm using the customer 'custom' settings in the UOV computer software to enter the data/mms settings provided by speedtalk which are sparse (after trying the tmobile option and having the trail cam say 'something...try sending again'):

apn setting information:
apn: wholesale
mms url:
mcc mnc: 310 260
'if apn doesn't work try with username wholesale'

everything else is supposed to be left blank

I've tried with the username blank and with wholesale as well as a number of combinations of the speedtalk and t-mobile and I get either parameter error or that 3946 network busy message, which my research usually shows up when you don't have enough money in your account and or services aren't setup correctly on the cell provider side. I put the sim card in a t-mobile android phone and I could make phone calls and send mms using the settings above.

Does anyone have experience with entering custom cell settings in these old coverts? Any advice?

To the users who have switched to t-mobile what is the most affordable plan you found to do it?

Hello again

I think I damaged the sim card which is why I am having issues. The sim card worked in the t-mobile phone but to test it I had to 'take apart' the sim to make it nano size. when I put the sim back to together I used some tape to hold the nano part from popping out. That added thickness brought the sim data area in contact with something in the trail camera and scratched it, and now the sim card doesn't work in the t-mobile phone either.

I ended up getting a hco gocam but when I've got time I'll probably order a new sim to attempt using the covert on speedtalk
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