Use this forum for the discussion of all things related to the use of cellular trail cameras. The discussion of different models/manufacturers, service providers, problems, tips & hints for ease of use are all welcome here.
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By johnnydeerhunter
The app is that the one with the Spartan or someone said it's an orange vo?

Android or Iphone
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By johnnydeerhunter
Spartan Camera Management by Frontier Pursuits

Is a grey Spartan face shield.
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By 27jr
Thanks, getting this up and running by the house for the day before putting it in the field.
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By LibbyLA
Run it on real time even if you don't plan to run it on RT in the field. Check to be sure that you can take a picture, change settings, etc. Give it a real workout so if there are any glitches or you're not quite familiar with how something works, there's time to get it straight.
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By Richard Thompson
I've started running the WingHome 350C trail camera. Trigger speed is good, battery life is good so far (8 months on the same set of batteries taking over 1000 pictures) and easy to use.
However, I cannot find a cell camera on its website, I hope it can launch a new trail camera especially the 3G trail camera as soon as possible.
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