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By OutdoorBob
I've always been a homebrewer but with my Parkinson's disease that is no long possible. Instead I am looking to buy one of the cams that is on the market now. I plan on being at Bass Pro Thursday and that would be a good time to pick one up. They have their Bushnell Trophy Cams Essentials 3 on sale for $119. However I saw Anthony's review that there is a problem with whiteouts. However the 2016 model Essentials 2 seems to have a solid track record. I know good cams come with spending money but I live on a budget. Was hoping somebody here could point me in a good direction on some cams. I'd like to spend $125 or less if possible. If there is something much better but not too much over my $125 amount, please let me know. By the way I have not had time to review all of the camera reviews yet, so pardon me for that. Bob
By RiverRat
I have the E2 and really like the camera. If I were you I'd look on Amazon or eBay. I found an E2 for $80 shipped new and I'd also look at the Bushnell Aggressor low glow 20mp around $120.

With me having the E2 I'm looking at getting the Aggressor if I can't find the right price I'd get the E2.

Good luck.
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By OutdoorBob
Hey Bob. Good to see you around again sir!

Good to be seen again. I came close to offing myself. Finally got my head back on straight. Making and using cams were so important to me before. Hoping I can get that old rush going again.
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By bowhtr1
Bass pro had the Browning Stike force elite on sale for 99.97.
By RiverRat
Bob, not sure if you have bought anything yet but Amazon has the Bushnell E3 for $99. The Browning Strikeforce is a great camera as well but I feel the Bushnell camera is easier to set up and does a better job all the way around. The important thing to remember is they all work and they all have problems. :wink:
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By badjedi
The Primos Proof GEN 2 cameras are a really good bang for your buck. The GEN 2 is a big improvement over the previous year. I haven't had any issues with the GEN 2 model (proof 2) and the picture quality is great.

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