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By cb4ishoot
Thanks...cleared phone partition cache...same problem. Using Nova Launcher, so changed back to "phone original"...still, same problem. I will try calling tech support later in week. Thank you!
I'm using Nova launcher as well. Let us know what tech support says.
What Android version (operating system) is your phone running?
If you're just looking to stop a camera from sending pics then go into camera management, highlight the camera you want to stop and hit edit (it's a pencil symbol). Then either delete it or just add a symbol or letter after the access code. If you just add the symbol or letter after the access code it's very easy to edit and resume the camera sending you pics at a later date.
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By 27jr
Thanks johnny but not I was hoping to hear. Covert allows you to log off and allows you to log on as guess. How do I enable guess log in on Spartan?
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By LibbyLA
Are you wanting to create a guest login for someone or are you wanting to be a guest?

If you want to create a guest login, on the portal, MY CAMERAS > MOBILE ACCESS. There's a column for Admin Access Code and one for Guest Access Code. Fill in the guest code for any camera you want to share, then Update.

Give your guest your account number and the guest code and they will have guest access to your camera(s).

If you want to have guest login access to someone else's camera, then they'll do the above. On your app, tap the menu button, then Camera Management, tap the + icon, then input their account code and the guest access code, then Authenticate.

No need to log in and out, you can have cameras from multiple accounts, admin or guest access as desired. Seems to me that's a lot easier than logging in and logging out, but that's just me.
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By johnnydeerhunter
27jr, what are you trying to do?
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By 27jr
Question why is it the Spartan time was correct and after having it off and turned back on it's sending pictures with default day January 2017. Will the time correct itself off of the cellular system?

BTW the part was found and finally arrived.
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By LibbyLA
Make sure the time zone is set correctly in the app or portal then request a settings update. That should force it to correct itself.
How do you log out of the Android app?

Thanks johnny but not I was hoping to hear. Covert allows you to log off and allows you to log on as guess. How do I enable guess log in on Spartan?

What are you trying to do?
OK, just change your access code if that's what you are trying to do. re authenticate after the change.
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