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By LibbyLA
I never test my guest code. I just give the account number and guest code to whoever I want to have it, they install, and off they go.
Spartan camera management is the one you want. others won't work.
There is only one app for the Spartan cameras. Guests, administrators, friends, family, wives girlfriends and boyfriends all use the same app. All your cameras, your buddies cameras all work the same, if you have guest or admin access it's all the same app. No logging in or out it's all available to see from the same home page on the app. You can even organized the order the cameras are shown on the app.
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By 27jr
Johnny thank you for the great detail and got love the friends n family plus wifes :D

Great reception at the farm as long as I didn't go into the forest than get between no bars to 2 bars. Pus it facing the feeder by there house 5 bars with battery back-up set for 1 min was at 30s which was good since bucks came in and didn't stay long because only got one photo.
Here's my Lockboxes.

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