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By usahoe18
So I'm in the market of a cell cam. Been looking at either the Spartans or Coverts. I can get a Covert Blackhawk on ebay for 250, the 2016 model I think. Spoke to the guys who make the Spartans today and he said you can get ATT cameras that will send to a Verizon cell phone, you just want to make sure it gets good service. And I think the ATT model is around $50 cheaper due to the things they had to do to get orchestrated with Verizon. I currently have a Verizon cell plan, and a pretty high data usage. 16gb I believe.

Any reommendations on plans and cameras any of you have that can help me decide?
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By LibbyLA
I'm a Spartan fan.

It doesn't matter what carrier the cell camera uses, as long as that carrier has service in the area where the camera will be. It will send pictures to your phone, regardless of what carrier your phone uses, just like you can receive phone calls and texts from people who use a different carrier than you do.

On Verizon, you will pay $5/month plus taxes and fees. On my bill, those taxes and fees are $3.50 or more, so it's less expensive for me to run AT&T cameras than Verizon cameras. The nice thing about Verizon is that it's part of your bill so you don't have to worry about keeping track of when to renew, although the AT&T 1 year plan (4GB data for $75 for one year) doesn't take much remembering.

I hope Rebbie pops in. He had a 2016 Covert and the flash on the one he had was terrible. I think he's a lot happier with the 2017 model.
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By T-post
You'll need to match the camera to whichever carrier offers good service (cell signal) at the location where the camera is going to be used. For instance, if Verizon had good strong coverage at the camera location, and the ATT coverage was weak, you'd need to buy the Verizon camera (and vice-versa).

I own two Spartan ATT cameras; they've both performed very well.

Also, as Libby pointed out, it doesn't matter what carrier you use for your personal cell phone, the camera will send to any phone...just as you can call any phone with your cell phone.

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By 27jr
I have both Covert Black OPS 2015, 2016 and Spartan.
The coverts work good enough but the 2016 is an improvement.
Camera works in poor cellular coverage (AT&T)
Pictures are good, can zoom in on photos
Multiple cameras can share data plan
Request HD photos at low cost
No extra charge for utilizing the mobile app
Cammo grill over the LEDs for better concealment

Photos are blurry when animals move quick


Very good day photos
HD photos at no additional cost


No data share plans
If your AT&T you cannot add to your phone plan so cost goes up
Charged to use mobile app even if charge is 3 - 4 dollars month adds up
Must be in great cellular coverage to work

Bushnell wireless aggressor

Best photos both day/night of three cameras
Zoom in on photos
No SIM required
No charge for using mobile app
GPS for recovery of stolen camera also so the owner can see where the camera located


External battery connector is odd
External power voltage 9v is unusual
Must be in great cellular coverage
Stubby external antenna

Due to the Covert getting a signal and logging in in poor signal strength. Cost effective of sharing data plans and 2017 much improvement of photo quality due to 20 extra black led.
Looks like when the Spartan plan is up in january ill be exchanging for another covert especially after Rebbie provided his update on 2017 covert.

I don't utilize cameras 24/7 365 days a year only couple month for hunting. So I don't utilize that much in photos.

The pro/Cons are not inclusive and are my opinions.
Read some of the sites like Trail Campo
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By LibbyLA

There are a couple of bits of misinformation in your post.

Cost to add a device to an AT&T phone plan is $10 per month. AT&T data connect plans are $8.33 per month or less (as little as $6.25) for AT&T Spartan, which is cheaper than adding it to your phone plan. Just for comparison, my Spartan Verizon costs $$9.02 at $5 per month plus taxes and fees. Adding to your phone plan isn’t necessarily cheaper. For Verizon, Sprint, and USCC, you can add them to your phone plan for $5 per month plus taxes and fees.

If you are looking at costs, look at actual costs, not whether you can put it on your phone plan or whether there’s a data share plan. That includes figuring total monthly cost, including premium service if you want to use that. I haven’t paid attention to current Covert pricing so I don’t know how it compares to Spartan with premium, but the costs were comparable with the old pricing. It is more convenient to pay one payment per month (Covert). OTOH, you can buy a yearly AT&T plan and a year of credits for Spartan so there’s not a lot of difference in convenience, certainly not enough to choose a camera based on that.

My experience with cell signal strength is the exact opposite of yours. We have crap for cell signal at our camp. Most of my Spartans work great. That was not my experience with any of the Coverts I had, although my last one was a 2015.

Bottom line is to get the camera that works best for you, based on your needs.

A few Spartan features 27jr didn’t mention:

Large thumbnails (Premium service, often don’t need the HD version of the picture)
Scheduled events so you can get pics automatically at set times. Very useful if the camera is in a low traffic area.
Spartan meters light when it uses flas, Covert does not. Night pics with close subjects aren’t blown out on Spartan.
You can zoom in on pics. 27jr mentioned it for Covert and Bushnell, but not for Spartan, implying that you can’t with Spartan.
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By 27jr
Libby - Pro Staff for Spartan

You attack me for what I said or didn't say.
I stated "Pro's/Con's are NOT inclusive are my options. To read sites like Trail Campo."

You stated "It is more convenient to pay one payment per month (Covert). OTOH, you can buy a yearly AT&T plan and a year of credits for Spartan so there's not a lot of difference in convenience, certainly not enough to choose a camera over that." implying Covert doesn't have yearly plan. Covert has Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Plans.

Spartan customer service stated AT&T didn't have the camera's on the phone plan's, I guess their customer service is unaware.

Here are the current break down but could change without notice.

One thing we can agree on is your statement "Bottom line - is to get a camera that best works best for you, based on your needs."

HIRES PHOTOS, one thing to remember is how many times would a person request HD photos?

Spartan GoCam
Domestic DataConnect Pass Pay as You go Plans
2GB of data for 90 days. $25
Unlimited MB data for 30 days. $35

Domestic DataConnect Pass Auto Renew Plans
1GB data for 30 days. $14.99
Unlimited data 30 days. $29.99
7GB data for 30 days. $50.00

Pay As You Go plans
2GB of data for 3 months. $25
Unlimited data for 30 days. $35
2GB data for 6 months. $45
4GB data for 12 months. $75

Plus $3 -$4 per month for Premium


Monthly Plans
Picture Count Price Add a line
100 $4.99 $5.00
1,000 $5.99 $5.00
5,000 $9.99 $5.00
10,000 $14.99 $5.00
20,000 $24.99 $5.00
40,000 $34.99 $5.00
Add a line is $5 per camera per month

Quarterly Plans
Picture Count Price Add a line
400 $14.99 $15.00
3,500 $19.99 $15.00
10,000 $24.99 $15.00
20,000 $29.99 $15.00
50,000 $49.99 $15.00
Add a line is $5 per camera per month

Yearly Plans
Picture Count Price Add a line
1,500 $59.99 $60.00
15,000 $74.99 $60.00
30,000 $89.99 $60.00
50,000 $99.99 $60.00
75,000 $119.99 $60.00
125,000 $149.99 $60.00
225,000 $199.99 $60.00
Add a line is $5 per camera per month
HIRES Photos. .03 each

Bushnell Outdoor Products

The camera performs on data provided by Bushnell at no charge, for the first 30 days.

Data Package Monthly Thumbnails Price Per Month
No Data* 0 $0.00
Maintenance Mode** 0 $6.99
Economy 1,500 $9.99
Basic 3,000 $19.99
Deluxe 7,000 $29.99
Elite 15,000 $59.99

High resolution images
Options Images
Per Image $0.99
10 Image Pack $7.99
25 Image Pack $16.99
* 3G functionality only compatible in the US
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By LibbyLA

First, it is not attacking to correct misinformation.

Second, I did not say that you could put the AT&T camera on your phone plan. I said that the cost of the standalone plan is less than the cost of adding it to your AT&T phone plan (using the monthly price for other devices you can add as a estimate). IOW, it's not automatically more expensive to get a standalone plan than it is to be able to add your camera to your phone plan (Verizon, Sprint, USCC), which is what you implied.

"Pay as you go" plans are the ones most people use for the Spartan cameras. The other prices you posted for AT&T plans are pretty much irrelevant for most people.

Thanks for posting all the prices for the different cameras.

BTW, I'm not prostaff, I'm on the test team...
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By 27jr
Thank you for corrections. Sorry I took it as an attack on me. I value your experience and input on everything.

Your welcome on the current plans at least for AT&T.

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