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By mikeinkaty
For instance, since noon today email - 2, App pics - 13.

Any one else having this problem?

spartan cell camera.

Mike, email has always been less reliable than the app for receiving pics. With email you are at your carriers mercy. Just for the heck of it go to the portal and check and make sure that your contacts are all correct and checked off for the individual cameras.
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By Anthony
Agree. Email is not a reliable delivery method. The portal can faithfully deliver the photos by sending the emails but then those emails are held up or lost in the processors servers for hours, days, or forever....
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By mikeinkaty
This just started a few days ago for me. But I see some of the missing pics are slowly dribbling in. In this time span I’m missing about 100 emails.

My feeder has been inundated by critters for the past month. I was getting like 300 pics a day with interval set to one minute. Then I changed it to 5 minutes and now it’s set to 30 minutes. My deer population is at an all time high. Lots of bucks with nice racks showing.
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By T-post

Why do you use both the app and email? If the reason is that you want notifications as soon as possible, I think that you could use what's called "direct data text"... where the camera emails a text message to your cell phone. Here's the "direct data text" email addresses for several carriers:
Have your camera email to your cell phone 10 digit phone number (in place of xxxxxxxxxx): (if your cell phone is ATT) (if your cell phone is Verizon) (if your cell phone is T mobile)

If you want to continue using email, as you have been, here's an idea:
As Johnny mentioned, email providers often tend to lag on sending messages; some are worse than others. Try a free email account...I bet it will be more reliable for you. iPhones don't instantly push (receive) emails, even if the settings are set for push). Using an EAS (Enabled Active Sync) email account will allow an iPhone to instantly receive an email. I use a free email account on my iPhone, as the accounts are EAS.

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By bowhtr1
Send us your GPS coordinates, maybe we can thin that out for you .... :D

Count me in. :mrgreen:
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