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By mattpatt
Do you have the ability to turn the PIR off via the website or app?

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By T-post
I quit using the app because it's not as user friendly and intuitive as I would like. I just opened the app to take a look. PIR has three choices: high, medium, and low. There is what is called "Working Timer" which I suspect would turn off the PIR for a designated time period.
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By T-post
Here’s a couple of screen shots from the app
Screen shot from the app
2DF24BB3-6E7F-4C4C-9A88-FC1B58E04E96.jpeg (170.85 KiB) Viewed 2667 times
Continuation of screen shot
41E69617-1955-4E35-BD28-655C091DDE1D.png (337.75 KiB) Viewed 2667 times
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By T-post
The General is still cranking out pictures. I quit using the app because it seemed clunky and confusing to me, but that could be a problem with me, not the app....I've got the General simply texting pictures to me now.

I bought a used Commander from a friend that didn't like it. The Commander picture quality seems to be the same as the General, but I don't like the way the Commander camera body separates into two pieces. Also the battery life seems to be much shorter on the Commander.

The General is definitely a good camera for price, but I much prefer my Spartan GoCams for picture quality, quality of the app, and usable features. Having said that, my oldest GoCam (possibly 3 years old) won't work reliably at my deer lease this year. It worked great there for several years, but ATT has made some changes now that just won't work with my old camera...I've tried numerous firmware updates, but nothing fixes it. I recently moved the camera to some property I just bought, and it works great at that location. My deer lease buddies and I have quite a few Spartan cameras, they all work perfectly at the lease, except for the oldest one (which works fine closer to civilization).

Since I'm talking about Spartans...I've got a new 2017 Spartan ATTxb camera....this camera blow away is awesome!. Picture quality is improved plus it'll send videos. I've started using the "photo+video" setting, which sends the photo and stores the video....if there's a picture that you like, you can request the camera to send you the video that accompanied the picture. :P

Back to the topic...the Snyper General. It's a decent camera at an affordable price. Just as some folks have an "airport car" that they'd rather leave sitting out at the airport instead of their new Lexus, there's some risky locations where I'd rather use my General than my Spartan...A guy really needs to have a couple of each of them. :D

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