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Anyone using the new Spartan GoCam 4G Verizon camera?

I'm thinking about trying one (I am real tired of the ongoing GoCam ATT problems) and would appreciate any input from users of the 4G Verizon model. Thanks.
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By johnnydeerhunter
I am using using one and the new features are nice. I I like being able to get a video from it too. You must have 4g coverage though.
By legal4u

Is the new 4G Verison version released yet? If so, what’s the model number? I have the last two models for Verizon (M2M) and the most recent version. Love them both, but I really want the capability to receive video.

A lot of websites provide misleading information on the actual camera, stating latest model, only to find out that it’s not. Thanks for your help.
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By johnnydeerhunter
I believe it should be the GC-V4Gb

From what I understand dealers are starting to get them
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By bowhtr1
They are all over Ebay now.
They are all over Ebay now.

Just make sure they are the 4g, I have seen the 3g listed and in the description it makes it seem like they transmit video but they don't.
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By bowhtr1
All the new ones have the big ugly antenna. I hope I can camo that without any problems.
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By bowhtr1
Great mine will be delivered Dec 5-8th. Time to make another external battery box.
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