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By longhorn1611
I have one H600 and two XR6's that I really like in what I do,, they just seem to easy to program take quality pictures and their customer service beats any other company I have dealt with. I am considering purchasing one of their white flash either the HC 550 or the WR 6. I use them on a deer lease for naturally deer, but also for hogs and turkey. I am wondering how the game is effected by the white flash and what experience some may have had with them. Appreciate any response.
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By Roscoe
You'll get varying answers on that. I believe it's all LED's and not incandescent like a flash camera, correct? That's a lot different.

If your primarily going to use it in a some sort of bait scenario, I'd don't worry about. Critters are pretty tolerant where some grub involved.
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By JB22
I have a WR6 and it is all LED'S. I just got it about 3 weeks ago, so I don't have too many critter reaction results. I've been using it primarily on a carcass(10sec vids)The coons don't seem to bothered by the flash. I had a yote come in a few days ago but it took him about 6 attempts before he finally committed to the carcass. I did some testing in a dark room with it and the LED'S are bright!
By longhorn1611
sure appreciate the information on your use so far on the WR6,, I did a little research on other reviews on the WR6 and in looking at the sample night pictures, I am not sure that they look all that great for what I want to use it for, I may be wrong on this, but at the same price as the XR6 I am wondering if it is the thing to do? Thanks for the info,, I will try and continue to monitor Chasing game to see if we get any more replies. I need to get another camera pretty quick so I will have to make a decision pretty quick. Recoynx has just been so much more reliable for my use then any of the Moultries or Bushnells that I have.
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By saolaguy
I think the "does white flash spook game" question is one of those that has been around for years and everyone has their own opinion.

I've been using Reconyx 850 (the heavy-duty version of the 550) for two years now. I haven't noticed any white-flash reactions in that time. And I've photographed 25+ species of mammal for our research, thousands of photographs.

If you look here viewtopic.php?t=43444 that leopard cat walked straight into the camera after five or six previous shots.

My findings may not be indicative of what you'd see (maybe in your area the wildlife is more skittish, etc) - but just thought I'd share my experience.
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By michaelb
Thank you for this thread. I was concerned about the "flash" from 850 nm LEDs during video. Seems moot in light of tolerance to white light flash. Also appreciate the comment about humans seeing it for either theft or being discovered.
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