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By CanadaJack
#353967 I've got 2 BTC-5HD-XV cameras that don't work. I can't read pics or videos using a Browning viewer. I've tried different SD cards, batteries and using video or pic modes. Sometimes I can read the first two videos and none of the rest, sometimes none. I had 131 pics on a card, wouldn't read any. I sent one camera back to Browning and they sent it back to me saying it worked for them. All my other cams work great, just the 2 XVs are doing this . Using Kingston 8gb cards and Everyready Energizer batteries. Am I doing something wrong or are these things junk. Any help appreciated.
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By bowhtr1
#353971 Don't remember where but I heard Kingston sd cards are a problem. I use nothing but sandisk, they work in everything.
But if they worked before they should still work. Do a full format on the computer, not quick format. Install new batteries and see what happens.
By CanadaJack
#353972 Am using Kingstons in all my other cams but will try Sandisk in these 2. Thanks!
By CanadaJack
#353999 Thanks bowhtr1 for the advice! Bought 2 Sandisk Exteme 16gb cards to try them, both cameras worked like a charm! Funny, I've got 12 other Browning cams and I'm using a variety of different cards in them and they all work fine. From now on when I replace cards they will be Sandisk. Thanks again!