Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
By IdahoMan
#%$& it!

I am quiting. Trail-Camrea makers are just a bunch of @#$S thieves..

I have bought 3-4 Bushnell TrophyCams: NONE lasted more than a year
I bought a SpyPoint Force 10 a few months ago: It no longer works now either

I have even set the pieces of &^(@ out toi catch thieves only to have them fail days before they struck again, not to mention the $100 worth of Lithium batteries I have wasted.

SCREW THEM ALL!! I will never, never, never, never, NEVER, NEVER buy another trailcamera again!!

Bushnell, Spypoint, et al:
By picdic
definitely can't blame you for your sentiment.
that's what I hate about business these days. everybody is so eager to just release a latest/greatest model, be it vehicles, t-cams, etc.
that's what turned me off with a 4K trailcam being introduced. there is seriously zero NEED for one. but they want to jump on the 4K wagon because it's the "latest/greatest" tech right now. it's a dang trailcam, not a steven spielberg movie camera. I would rather see a company actually perfect a line of cameras instead, or heck, perfect one darn model to where it has no flaws or issues. instead, they snazz up the camo patterns, change the body style a bit, boast bogus, ridiculous MP #s, etc. how about make a cam that gets amazing battery life, has zero motion-blur, needs no firmware updates to try to fix issues, basically, a cam that just works properly. users shouldn't be wondering which brand to choose based off which might have the least problems/issues. they should all be good, all work properly, and we choose our brand based on company preference, like ford/chev lovers.
but it will never change. we all drool over the newest line of cams and can't wait to try one.
By swnoel
LOL... I hear ya! Most trail cameras are throw away, even the $200 dollar ones are! The only trail cameras I've ever bought that were worth what they cost were my Buckeyes and my Reconyx. As far as thieves... they suck!
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By spypoint_tech
I bought a SpyPoint Force 10 a few months ago: It no longer works now either

Hi IdahoMan, sorry to hear that you have an issue with our product so please contact us directly. We’ll be able to assist with your issues and concerns. We value our customers, and we work hard to ensure that you are satisfied with our products and services.

Live Chat support at SPYPOINT.COM / Email via / Phone at 1-888-779-7646
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By chrishunts
Man, I hate to hear about your experiences. I will say that I have had good life out of my Reconyx and Brownings that I have owned for 4-5 years now. I have to say though, where I hunt in GA gets no where near the cold days that you do out west.
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By snakelk
Sorry to hear about your cams! That sucks and I can relate. I don't own any "expensive" cams and try to find decent values that will last (if there is such a thing). Obviously it takes a few years to decide which cams will last and which will not. Reviews are one thing, but they don't really help with judging reliability, longevity, weather resistance, etc.

Of the cams I've had fail, most have suffered water damage (some have started working again after drying out). I'm referring to visible water/moisture inside the unit anyway. Also, those cams have all been in northwestern Oregon year 'round, so that means a WET environment. My northeastern Oregon cams have survived the winters and summers for the most part, so far. I'm in the process of experimenting with rain/weather shields on the western Oregon cams to see if I can keep them working longer. Time will tell.

Your post got me thinking again about how there's not a lot of information out there about trail cameras and reliability/longevity regarding specific models. Maybe there is a thread somewhere about this, but I haven't came across it. I'd be curious to hear about others' experiences. Perhaps I/we should start a thread? For example, I know a lot of people bought Browning BTC-2's years ago when they were on sale, myself included. I have 4, and of those only one functions normally. I'd be interested to hear tract records of some models like that which have been in use for a while.
By T_J
I bought a Bushnell Black LED Trophy Cam 119466 May 2012. It has ran perfectly since new. Only problem in 6 years was a squirrel chewed on an external battery cable/plug once (where cable/plug comes out of security box). Bought a new external battery cable/plug and avoid that squirrel. This camera has seen plenty of bad weather in the Midwest, used for Turkey, Deer, & occasionally in my yard for thieves.
Have two 6V-12AH batteries, recharging is cheap, silicone on hole where wires exit plastic box, [keeps ants out].
Academy ammo can $6.99 (green plastic, has o-ring around lid, handle has no holes that go inside box) inside box 4x9x5.5 (WxLxHt)
Academy camo duct tape $3.49 (was located in different location than $8 camo tape Larger roll)
Lowes 1/2 - SCH 40 PVC conduit 5ft $1.29 (greenish color)
ImageTurkey02 by T J, on Flickr Imagecamera by T J, on Flickr
Imageexternal-battery-box-inside by T J, on Flickr
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By badjedi
You should look at the Exodus cameras, they have a 5 year warranty.
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By Chachoze
When your warranty is longer than you've been in business, how much is it worth?
Yeah, nothin quite like getting on that 'ol warranty merry-go-round.

Sorry to hear you have such a crummy experience with those cams....adventures in trailcaming sure can be frustrating at times. Perhaps what you need is that highly sought after, highest performing...what was it called, the Yodercam 1000??? Sure wish I still had the link to that page Anthony put together that time, I still get quite the chuckle every time I think about it!

Thankfully we have been pretty lucky with our current stable of trailcams as we haven't had much in the way of issues.
Sadly though since Spypoint dropped one of my favorite model of cams from their lineup (grrr) I will have to start shopping around for replacements and I am not looking forward to that since they don't have anything that compares to it.
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By joebiodiesel
You can always build your own. When they break, you can fix them.
By swnoel
You can always build your own. When they break, you can fix them.

or buy a Reconyx or Buckeye
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