Trail Camera Discussion of Manufactured Cameras.
By Chick
I am seeing that the new cameras, are advertised as .3 or .7 second trigger speed. What do you think is best? Use to be, under .5 was considered good. I am not sure what is the deal with .3 or .7 now.
By picdic
advertised claims all have to be taken with a grain of salt. they are pretty much all bogus. many cam's advertised MP are false, some say they are 4K video, yet their best results are on regular HD, they will claim great night mode but actually be brutal at night, etc, etc.
I would ignore all the manufacturer claims and go more by actual test results. trailcampro does a fairly good job, and there is one or two guys on youtube who do decent tests(but most are crappy).
really, specific brands seem to have their own strengths and weaknesses. in general, I really like brownings for video, spypoint for battery life, Moultrie for night vision, covert for detection(Moultrie also).
but more in terms of your actual question. there is a point where they are now just trying to be "the latest, greatest". that's the thing in today's world with everything. but in reality, there's a point where there is no need to be better. do we need to be getting a pic of the air movement BEFORE the animal actually appears? a super-fast trigger speed is just going to be getting pics of noses entering the frame. real tests don't lie, but fancy print on packaging does. i like to base my purchases off what i am seeing from results.
By Chick
I see that Bushnell have some models they claim .3 and others that claim .7. I have a new Moultrie that claim .7. I was so burnt out on the Stealth Cam junk, 10 years ago, with 2 second triggers, that it was pathetic. Began buying the Bushnell Trophy Cams, that had about a .5 trigger.
By Chick
Wish I could see some Moultrie testing of recent cameras.
By picdic
I think trailcampro has some. I know I saw some somewhere. I was really interested in getting their top one, the S-50 I think. but they said it was quite poor on battery life, so I decided to pass. I really like my Moultrie, it has phenomenal night quality and catches everything that moves in front of it. and it has been awesome on batteries also. I just wanted to try a newer model from them.
then I totally decided to get another covert, and was set on the red maverick, from all the results I saw on it, and then they dropped it this year. it seems like they went to all no-glow models, must have been their main sellers maybe.
I haven't tried any bushnell yet.
By Chick
I have at least 10 of the different models of Trophy Cam. They have been ok. When I started with them, they had a 2 year warranty, but now have dropped that to 1 year. Moultrie still has a 2 year warranty and if they wont warranty or fix it, there are people around that will work on them. Bushnell absolutely refuses to work on them, as they say it costs too much. They will offer you a camera at a reduced cost off there MSRP, but the price is higher than I have found the cameras at other outlets. So, I am now buying Moultrie cameras. I quit Stealthcam a long time ago, when they dropped their 1 year warranty to 90 days. I was sending the Stealthcams in, right and left, because such poor quality and slow trigger time. They got to where they would not even return emails or phone calls. Moultrie has my business unless Bushnell gets back in the game. On top of that Moultrie cameras are a lot cheaper. Moultrie A-30 can be had for $56, where as a similar Bushnell is about $100.
By picdic
the best thing about warranties, is never having to use them. I may still get the new Moultrie. I check my cams enough to not HAVE to have them last forever. and having a cam that actually works and gives great results is most important anyway. what good is awesome battery life on a cam that takes crappy pictures. my M-888 has been an absolute beast. catches everything, has been more than fine on batteries, and real important for me, gives great night results. and, has never given me one bit of issues. and I love it's build quality.
stealthcam is a brand that I won't even consider. I've seen enough from others and read too much about problems of every kind. not going there.
By Chick
I put mine out, a month before season, and generally, they stay out 3-4 months. Then, they are stored in a humidity controlled gun safe. I expect them to last a long time.
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By reaperman
Sometimes a fast trigger speed can work against you. I get a lot of photos with animals on the edges of pictures. Bushnell cameras are notorious for that.
By Chick
With a .5 sec trigger speed? Before that, all I got was picture of animal butts.
By picdic
my browning strikeforce often gets just the nose of an animal coming into the frame. then misses the animal going past the cam. cam also needs to have a fast refresh time. my Moultrie will get the whole animal just as it enters the frame, but still get it again before it leaves the frame.
but my 2014 covert is my oldest cam, and it has better detection and farther range than all my other cams. so I don't really believe the claims that are advertised from brands.
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By spypoint_tech
Trigger Speed - The amount of time elapsed from when a camera first senses motion until it captures a photo of whatever caused said motion.

Recovery Speed - The amount of time required for a camera to rearm itself and take a second triggered photo after the first photo is captured.

Why does this matter? Faster cameras produce significantly greater amounts of scouting and surveillance data.

Here's the Trigger speed shootout from Trail Cam Pro. ... d-shootout
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By michaelb
Two issues I have noted regarding trigger speed.
Photo trigger and Video trigger are usually not the same ( video longer) ( some companies are off by a factor of three)
Field of view of motion sensor and field of view of camera sensor need to over lap ( burst shot can help here)
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