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By marv whealon
#354480 I've been doing some video with my trail cameras and using Vimeo. My question. Is there a way to delete some parts of the video where there in no action. And to splice some videos together?

Thanks Marv.
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By Anthony
#354482 I don't know of a way. I just looked but I will keep looking. You may want to invest in some pc software to edit the videos first then upload them. there is usually a moderate learning curve but its not too bad.

Are you Mac or Windows ?
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By Woody S
#354527 There's a fairly easy way to delete videos from Vimeo, but finding it isn't user friendly. Google deleting from Vimeo and you'll find several sets of instructions.

Since you have a Windows computer you probably have Movie Maker on the computer. With Movie Maker it's easy to snip parts from a video or splice several videos together and add a title or caption to make a video to post to Vimeo or YouTube. I do that all the time see a couple of my latest posts --