If it aint related to one of the other forums, then this is the place for it !!! Enjoy!
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By Anthony
#353135 I have had a fun and interesting time "discovering" my DNA ancestry. I purchase a DNA test kit for me, my mom and my dad for Christmas and we took the test around Thanksgiving.

I am pretty generically west European (no surprises there) but have a great great great grandmother who was a Cherokee native american.

This NA did not contribute to either of my halpogroups but i have roughly .3% nuclear DNA inherited from the ancestor. (is this why I like to eat Doritos?)

If anyone is interested in the results you get etc just ask me. It was very fun and exciting to do. I am roughly 4% Neanderthal as well (like most non native Africans).
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By Anthony
#353140 From what I understand she was from that North Carolina/Tennessee area and remained as a wife in South Georgia where my family comes from. she probably shed some tears as the gnats are awful down there but I doubt she went on a trail of tears.

also, at .3% I am pretty sure from my research I can't join any tribes or get any "free" stuff ... :mrgreen:
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By Ol Arky
#353157 Heck, you competing with Elizabeth Warren.... But she got you beat.... :lol: :P :lol: :P
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By cwensk
#354535 Haha, Warrens is only hear-say tho'.
I am also 3% Native American along with mostly European, Spanish and a smidge of Asian.
By swnoel
#354542 It might sound fun but I'd rather not... it appears the results are not necessarily held private and can be accessed by third parties. I'll pass for now.