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I bought camera in dec 2017!
I notice at night i get motion blur?
Even if deer are waking very slow!
Also bucks horns are blurry and from shoulder down when they have head down!
Also feet are blurry but not body when slowly moving!

Browning says this is not normal on this camera box says blur?
Anyone have idea?
I am on 4 mp at night with anything above that the pics are grainy?
Daytime pics are very good!
My moultrie 20 years ago took better pics than this at night?
Very little motion blur!!
My Brownings (Strike Force and Special Ops) are almost always set to take videos, the few times I've used them to take still photos they don't seem to have much blur. For IR stills at night I prefer my homebrewed IR camera built around a Samsung A503 --
White-tailed Deer - B.jpg
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You should send that Browning back, especially if Browning admits that's not the way it should be.
Camera is on its way back today!
Night pics above 4 mp are grainy they said run it on 4 mp!!
So much for 18 mp?
They said use energizer batterys and Sandisk cards...

Not happy with motion blur at all ,funny bear no.blur but deer walking very slow blur?
I agree with the others, send it back to browning. especially when they themselves are admitting that it shouldn't perform that way. it could just be a dud, it definitely happens with all brands.
my brownings all get set to video, never on pics. with my first strikeforce, I didn't like the washed-out colour rendering in the pictures, so it quickly became a "video" cam. it doesn't really matter so much on video, at least not to me. and my new recon force, it will never, ever see the picture setting. the new brownings are so awesome with video, it's a waste of a cam to not use them for that.
tried out my replacement camera.
it has motion blur also on still pics ... :evil:

took pics same spot,same tree and same distance from deer about 20 ft ..
legs moving hardly at all have motion blur ...
my old moultrie never did this ..
i have it set on long distance flash and trail setting...
so much for the promise of no blur on this camera..
funny other sites that test these mention nothing about it makes you wonder if they are pushing these cameras?
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