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As part of a promotion and as a way of introducing the Ridgetec product line, I am planning on giving away a Lookout cellular camera with 1 month free cell service, each week until black friday.

The Lookout: ... ng-camera/" target="_blank

I plan to start next week and need some suggestions on a fair way to handle the give away. This will be available only to members of Chasingame as a way of saying thank you.

As you may know my career focus has now turned to selling/distributing cameras. I am focusing on the Ridgetec line and my future is tied to its success.

I believe in the product and feel it is the best cellular product on the market and will continue to get better.

Allow me to show some thanks to loyal Chasingame members while promoting this new technology.

The giveaway will include (1) RidgeTec Lookout 4G LTE (AT&T) with one free month service. I will handle shipping to you (in the continental USA). If you live excessively far away we may need some sharing of the shipping cost. This unit functions in USA and Canada out of the box.

Can you suggest what you feel is a fair way to handle an unbiased give away?


I create a topic, dated for a particular week on Monday. I have an independant party select a number between 1 and 1000. Each member gets a vote. After 3 days I choose a winner from the votes. the first to guess it exactly wins. If none are exact then the closest to the number will win.

In this example, who can I choose as the independent party? (it probably should not be a Covert or Spartan promoter here, which we have plenty of)?
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By badjedi
Since this is a trail camera forum, why not make the giveaway involve trailcam photos to make it fun for everyone. For example, each week make some sort of guidelines for the photo to be submitted for the giveaway. So for the first week, you can require a trailcam picture (from any year) of a duck or a photo of a fawn or a photo of an 8pt buck....etc. Use your imagination and make it creative. Then you can either choose the winner yourself or have everyone vote for their favorite at the end of the week.
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By Anthony
I know that would be more fun but also might discriminate against many users who can't say put a camera at a pond or whatever. I had wanted to remove the "judging" aspect so all will know, I am not playing favorites plus I am so busy finalizing this product in other areas.

I had just hoped to see more interest. after all I plan to give away a $400 camera every week.
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By dbaxter
Set up a RidgeTec cam in a high traffic area (dog pen?) using new tested x brand batteries and have members guess how many photos or x sec videos it will take before it stops taking pics or videos or night shots.
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By Anthony
Set up a RidgeTec cam in a high traffic area (dog pen?) using new tested x brand batteries and have members guess how many photos or x sec videos it will take before it stops taking pics or videos or night shots.


The problem is I planned to give one away per week and it will take 6 weeks to burn through a set of AA.
By Sodbuster
Whatever you do, don't do any type of voting. Any type of voting contest on the internet has nothing to do with the pic and everything to do with how many votes you can solicit from other forums and friends. I would say give everyone a number and just use one of the websites that pick a random number, you can video it, so people can see its legit.

Best of luck with the new venture.
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By Fl_Cracker
I create a topic, dated for a particular week on Monday

Then members that are interested post there lucky 3 digit number. They have until Friday 9:00am EST to post after that the topic is locked. Later that afternoon (Friday 5:00pm EST) when the Dow Jones Industial closes , whoever is the closest to the last 3 digits is the winner. Example: the Dow closed at 26,405.76 today, so 576 would be the winning number. If in the rare case that two people picked 575 and 577 then the person who is the closest without going over (575) is the winner.
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By Anthony
That is a good idea but I did think of something that might be fun.

I come up with a phrase. The answer to the phrase "wins". One or more clues come each day as to what the words in the phrase are.

So image the phrase ends up having 10 words. there would be 10 clues but guessing of the answer can begin as soon as clues begin kind of like "wheel of fortune".

Would this be interesting at all ?
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By Ol Arky
An elk hunting forum I'm a member of uses and automatic random number generator.. To enter you must be a member of the forum with X number post and can only enter one post per contest... That way the generator can be used to pick a number between the number you put in it... So if you have information post to start with you just put 2 and the ending number of post in the generator and it does the work for you... You might look out there and see what's available..
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By Anthony
I agree and your idea of requiring them to not only be a member but to have participated at some level, not sign up just to win the free camera. It means they are actually interested in being a member and camera user and are serious about the hobby, rather than some fly by nighter who wins the camera and we never hear from them again.

Also, question: what if by accepting the free camera you agree to be a "FieldStaff" for Ridgetec. All this means is that you test the camera and report issues before you complain on facebook or whatever and update your signature line here to indicate FieldStaff and that you openly support the product.

It also means you can buy future additional cameras and product at a significant discount should you be interested in additional cameras.

Your thoughts ?
As for myself I wouldn’t be much help but I doubt I would enter the contest either. But it does sound like a good idea.
This is really cool of you to do, and I must say the pics and content you have been posting from this camera look amazing!

I like the idea of using a random number generator and people simply get one post in a thread for that week, then whatever number is generated the camera goes to that poster. Then again I am not the most creative person in the world either!

The Wheel of Fortune thing sounds interesting as well.
I was thinking since its football season, if the final scores of a given number (example: 6 pre-selected games) were added up, the one closest to the final scores would be the winner. A number could only be used one time to eliminate the possibility of a tie.
Thanks for all the input. due to lack of time right now a less "fun and creative" solution will work better for me.

A random number it is. Either you trust me to generate it and pick a winner or we use last 3 of dow jones like was suggested.


1 - You need to be a member for at least 3 months (you predated the contest)
2 - You should have at least ## posts (## = ??)
3 - You get one vote on the topic. No need for multiples.
4 - I will start topic on Mondays and complete by ## time on Friday.
5 - I will pick a winner by generating a random number and the person closest to the number wins. (I don't care of you are over or not)
6 - A winner should agree to my FieldStaff policy agreement (not constraining at all) to qualify for acceptance by signing and scanning back to me. this gives you discounts on future cameras etc ...

FieldStaff Agreement: ... A-2018.pdf

For now, I need to handle it this way. maybe if I find extra time we can make it more interesting. Because I want to give away a camera per week through Black Friday, I need something not very time consuming. What I need out of this is:

1 - Exposure online (forums, Facebook, etc)
2 - Rigorous real world testing in different parts of the country and environments (Chasingame deer know to stand in front of camera and wave)
3 - Sales and income: I have gone since last spring without a job working on this and this is now my career and I am focused 100% on this and nothing else.

I appreciate the help and feedback I will get and hopefully the free camera will buy some goodwill in spreading the word and helping me to improve this product.

We will have CamLockBoxes for this camera. i have 2 now and I have ordered more. So if you need one now, I only have two but in 3 weeks I should have more. We are also preparing a solar power station which I know is a basic necessity with this type of system. The battery life testing I have done so far is about double what I have gotten on competitors cameras when used in the same way.

Your thoughts?
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