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I doubt it, but I guess one doesn't know unless it's tested. but even then, unless I did the test myself, i'd be leery of it, assuming it's slanted to sell more expensive batteries.
as batteries weaken, does a cam's functions get worse? i have never noticed that. at a point, where the batteries are severely low, the cam won't work. like i think i have read that video sometimes stops recording when batteries get to a low point. but i haven't heard of more superior performance with lithiums. what they mostly advertise, is they are better in the cold.
i would think that flash output would be where it would be most noticeable.
personally, i haven't fallen for the "lithium" battery need. i've been using coppertops in all my cams and they have all been great, right through -20s C.
I thought the same thing, but my camera flash says not to use lithium batteries, as it will be slower. The reason is apparently that given lithium's trait of "holding a charge" it makes it slower to recycle the flash. I do plan to use lithiums when I want the camera to last longer, but I don't expect it to be any faster.

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