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By picdic
#354371 I doubt it, but I guess one doesn't know unless it's tested. but even then, unless I did the test myself, i'd be leery of it, assuming it's slanted to sell more expensive batteries.
as batteries weaken, does a cam's functions get worse? i have never noticed that. at a point, where the batteries are severely low, the cam won't work. like i think i have read that video sometimes stops recording when batteries get to a low point. but i haven't heard of more superior performance with lithiums. what they mostly advertise, is they are better in the cold.
i would think that flash output would be where it would be most noticeable.
personally, i haven't fallen for the "lithium" battery need. i've been using coppertops in all my cams and they have all been great, right through -20s C.
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By Anthony
#354395 I doubt it too. from what I can tell the camera continues to function until it can't.
By deerfever7
#354739 In my experience, the batteries will fully operate your camera as normal, until they have no more juice. Lithium Batteries do not increase the speed of the camera but they will give your camera longer battery operating time compared to Alkaline. :D
By Rhett
#355281 I thought the same thing, but my camera flash says not to use lithium batteries, as it will be slower. The reason is apparently that given lithium's trait of "holding a charge" it makes it slower to recycle the flash. I do plan to use lithiums when I want the camera to last longer, but I don't expect it to be any faster.
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By Anthony
#355283 An SD card with a faster read/write speed will be the only thing I can think of that actually may make your camera "faster".