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I have this Spartan wireless camera which is eating a lot of battery. Any experience, should I connect it to a 6V external battery or can I use this 12V external battery cable with Voltage Reducer cable? ... e-reducer/" target="_blank

I have a 12V battery and charger so would prefer not to buy a 6V battery and charger.

Thanks for answering.. :D
In my opinion you re not really accomplishing anything by using a 12V with a voltage regulator except that 12V batteries are easier to come by. there is a loss of power in the down conversion. However if you already had a nice 12V SLA it is much cheaper to get a voltage regulator than buy another 6V SLA at todays prices.

Its all about amp hours.

two 6V 10 amp hour batteries ran in a series for 12V is still 10 amp hours. So, the converse is true (except for losses due to voltage regulator) a 12V 10 amp hour has the amperage equivalent of two 6V 10 ah batteries. It will last longer than a single 6V 10AH, twice as long? maybe not with some loss but it will last longer.

Maybe an electrical engineer can explain it better.
Spartan sells a battery box that has the 12v to 6v reduction built in, or you can use a 6v battery if you want to. I know someone who had a 12v 18ah battery in the box and got over 11,000 pictures from it, the larger 1280 size too. Be careful with those cable reducers (Spartan box has been fine), when they go bad they let extra voltage to the camera and fry the camera. How many pics are you getting from the camera and what kind of batteries are you using?
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I have ran my Spartan for years on a 12V using a system I put together with a 12V SLA and a voltage reducer but its not weather proof so I mounted it inside a waterproof box.

I use this item from eBay. I tuned it to send 6.5V to the Spartan output cable. ... SwB9xXPBgD

I have never fried my camera.
My Spartan wireless usually sends 250-300 pics with alkaline batteries, then stops sending. No matter which brand AA batteries I´m using.
I am planning to use my extra 12V 20Ah Walmart Sealed Lead Acid Battery which will connect to my camera using this 1stCam Voltage Reducer Cable that i purchased yesterday.
I have not heard that the Spartan battery box 12v to 6v inbuild reducer module or any Reducer Cable modules are frying cameras when they go bad :?:
No problems with the Spartan battery box, most of the problems have been with the Covert reducer cable. here's a link to the Spartan boxes from Herd360 ... -solutions
Wow! The Spartan battery boxes are expensive.. Like twice as much what I paid for my FirstCam Voltage reducer cable ... e-reducer/" target="_blank

12V 20Ah Walmart Sealed Lead Acid Battery cost is about 38$ and if this combination with 1stCam Voltage Reducer cable is able to send +10,000 pics, I am happy camper :D
I don't know if you will get that many pics with the 1st cam reducer. The Spartan box is expensive but you can use 6 or 12 volt batteries in it, it has connections for a solar panel, over voltage protection and a charging circuit. Also has a push button digital display to see what the batteries current voltage is. Strap and strap slots to mount it to a tree and holes for a python cable.
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