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By No1UKnow
Hey Y'all!

Unlike some others, whose timelapse files are saved as .TLS or .TLV's which can be imported into trail cam timelapse viewing software, Moultrie saves them as a series of .JPG's. Looks like Moultrie used to offer software for viewing these files, but as of the time of this post, it's been removed, and Moultrie is recommending other software: ... -downloads" target="_blank

Sadly, the reommended software is cumbersome, and I'm looking for an alternative process. I think a tool that converts a set of .jpg's to a .TLS or .TLV would be ideal, as the resulting files could then be used in either 6 Day or Browning's software, depending on the extension.

Has anyone found a solution to this? Currently, the best I can come up with is importing the set of JPG's into Vediovelocity and converting to a video, which is not as slick as pulling and .TLV file into the Day 6 viewer or a .TLS file into the Browning software.

I admit that my understanding of all of this is a little weak, so feel free to school me.


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