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By reaperman
#354705 Now that I changed batteries on my HD pro, the good news is I have night photos again. The bad news is I forgot what the night photos actually look like :( I like the camera and its functions, but night photos need some serious work. All three photos are of the same deer within minutes of each other.



#354772 Mine are even worst!
What settings are you using?
I am on mp 4 do too grainy still pics on higher mp settings and long range flash!
Deer legs are blurry and heads lifting and bear walking are blurry!
On still pics at 30 - 45 ft!!
They sent me new camera and still bad!!

Going to try 12 mp with long range ir setting to see if motion blur gets better!!
Then down to 8 mp ,18 mp is too Grainy!!!
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By reaperman
#354774 My settings are the same as yours. I do like the camera and the features, but the picture quality needs work. For me they are adequate since I erase most of them anyway. But some photos I like to keep so weeding thru them to find a decent one is sometimes a chore.