Any hunting related discussion not particularly related to the use of trail cameras, issues or problems. Enjoy!
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By ko4nrbs
Just got back from setting up my Ameristep Doghouse blind, putting down corn and setting up a few Homebrew cameras at a friends place. This is the back of a sub-division I have been hunting. Killed two there last year.

I am always surprised how close the main deer trail is to the back of his house. Can't be over 25 or 30 yards!! Took a look at it today and it is being heavily used. My shooting window looks down this trail. :D

I'll post pics as I get them. Had some big bucks on camera last year but never saw them when hunting. Maybe this year????

Will also be hunting on some Corps of Engineer's land on the river. Have to camp in the boat there.

Good Luck everyone!!

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By ko4nrbs
I also hunt some Corp land at the lake on the Savannah river. I never see any people. Its like I have it all to myself.

This spot is a small strip right on the river boarding some Public land. Thankfully the four deer I have shot with my crossbow never made it to the fence.
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By reaperman
Doghouse blind, I have the same one I use it for turkeys. Corn? You must live where baiting is allowed, around here that's a no-no. As far as a crossbow is considered. You have to be over 60 yrs old or have a disability to be legal. Funny how geography changes things. Anyway, I glad things are looking good for the upcoming season, good luck. Cant wait to see some photos.
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