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By michiganbowbender
Question re: turn around time for camera returns/replacement, anyone have any personal experience ?
Purchased my 2018 Lift II in early March and it quit working in early July. Verified it as not being battery related so sent a text as per their instructions and received a very quick response from Jake who furnished a return shipping label, very impressed at the time. 8
Things haven’t gone quite as smooth since, unfortunately.
I am still waiting for the camera and the only response ‘s I have received was when I have sent emails requesting an update, but now the last email sent yesterday remains un-answered, guess they have tired of hearing from me.
Any similar experiences with the company ?
By picdic
so, the camera failed shortly after purchase, their customer service hasn't been very good, and now they have your camera and aren't responding.
this is part of the reason why I have never bothered with returns, etc. if a brand fails to deliver, I cut my losses and move on to a different company. it's just not worth the wasted time and stress. and I don't want an inferior product back in my line-up, to just have the same issues repeat themselves(which they usually do). I've read of guys going through this process repeatedly with 2-3 cameras going back and forth. I will never put myself through that kind of BS. there are cams out there that do what they are supposed to, simply work.
rather than get drawn into this worm-hole, move on to a better brand and model. cut your losses before they continue to build. let others know of your bad experiences so we can all learn from them. I stay away from many brands, simply from reading all the bad experiences that others continually have. you'll find a company and brand that satisfies you completely and deserves your business.
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By michiganbowbender
I finally did receive my replacement Lift II but I feel only because I kept badgering them, the whole ordeal took about 6 weeks. Had they kept me up to date on their own the down time would have been a little more acceptable but when I had to continually ask the status, usually not getting any kind of reply, well that was too much.
Live and learn, which I now have. The replacement camera is working fine and hopefully will continue to do so but I won't go thru the same bull sh** again, Exodus has seen the last of my business and they brought it all on themselves. Hopefully others will consider my experience as being helpful.
If it's good, I don't hesitate to say so. If it's bad, people will sure as hell hear that from me too.
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