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Post your 3 digit guess as a reply to this topic to win a free ($399.99) RidgeTec Lookout 4G LTE (AT&T) camera.

The Lookout page in our store: ... ng-camera/" target="_blank


1 - You need to be a member for at least 2 weeks
2 - You should have at least 5 posts
3 - You get one vote by replying to this topic. Please place only one. guess and do not change your answer (I can see if the topic was edited by you)
4 - This topic will be Locked by 12 (noon) on on Friday 09/28/2018.
5 - I will pick a winner by generating a random 3 digit number and the person closest to the number wins. (I don't care of you are over or not)
6 - A winner should agree to the RidgeTec FieldStaff agreement to qualify for acceptance by signing and scanning back to me. This also gives you discounts on future equipment as well ...
7 - Once accepted Winner will update their signature line in the Chasingame forum to indicate they are Field Staff per our existing policy here.
8 - A winner is no longer eligible for future Lookout give aways in this "set" to give others a chance

Read FieldStaff Agreement: ... A-2018.pdf" target="_blank

Good Luck !!! :D
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