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By Carphunter
I'm seeing this pretty much all the time now on start of vids... bright white and then fade into normal. anyone know if this is common? and, any chances of firmware fix, etc?
By Tinhorn
Mine does it too, started last spring. The problem is after dark and the LEDs are on

but mine don't even do yours (bright white and then fade into normal) and is too bright all the time

AND by do we say "after dark" after Dark it's Light LOL
Primos contacted me and said to check if the cam is at least like 3' off the ground, and make sure it doesn't have a downward tilt.

i'll give it a shot when i'm up north again.
the problem has existed from fresh batteries on.
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By Anthony
This is a common video issue. the camera does little or no light metering in advance so they can sya trigger time is .5 second then they do light metering in your video as it adjusts light balance in the beginning.

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