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By Saskboy
#355208 The picture of the coyote is a sample pic the portal sends you when a video is captured. This was set on highres and the photo of the yote cost 6 points. I actually love taking video and getting the 6 point photos, if I like it I can request the full video.
By Saskboy
#355213 Here is a pic when I had it set up in the farm yard. This was a 6 point photo sent to my phone as well using the video preview. I would say this is pretty darn good for security purposes as well, as that was my original thought in buying a cellular camera.
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By Anthony
#355244 I like the coyote video. That coyote looks much larger than the ones we have around here in Georgia.

He looks almost wolf-like.

What would you estimate a full grown yote in your area weighs in at ?
By Saskboy
#355247 40 to 50lbs would be a big coyote, need to set up and shoot him and have a contest guessing his weight. He looks good because winter is coming, got his luxurious fall coat on. Lol