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By clarkengelman
My browning recon force has never quit taking videos, but lately each time I check it, the date and time are incorrect. Are there seperate batteries that control the date and time?
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By clarkengelman
Not happy just got off the phone with Browning and there actually is a seperate battery that controls the date and time. One that can't be fixed by we the owners. Has to be sent for repair. Not happy about that. Now I have a 2015 spec ops model that works good all but not the correct date. It resorts back to 01/01/08 everytime. :(
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By Woody S
Virtually all hand-held cameras have a small internal rechargable battery (a button-style) that holds the settings while batteries are changed or if the large batteries die. I've never opened a commercial trail camera, but the internal battery on those is probably the same. One of my homebrews was built with a Sony camera that had it's internal battery die and it would do just what you describe. I replaced the internal battery and all was well. If that Browning was mine, and since the warranty is long gone, I'd take a chance and open it up to find the internal battery -- most internal batteries are available from battery suppliers.
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By clarkengelman
Thanks, I think i better try it since I have 3 other 2015 recon force cameras that will be crapping out with that battery as well.
By picdic
it sure can be fixed by "we, the owner". they just want you to pay them to fix it. if it isn't on warranty anymore, have at 'er. I think it's usually a button battery that runs the time, etc.
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By clarkengelman
LOL! I tried it, needless to say it is in pieces now. Won't we trying that again. Not an easy fix for me. Its looks like it has 2 batteries hardwired to system.
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By reaperman
How stupid, its not like its hard to change the time/date when the batteries die. Reminds me of my refrigerator that stopped working last year. It took a power zap and blew a fuse that protects the mother board. The fuse is a glass barrel fuse like the old automotive fuses. Except the fuse was soldered to the mother board instead of having a clip that would allow the fuse to simple be replaced. I called the company and they said the entire board needed replacing. I said why have a fuse protect something when it cant be replaced when blown. The quick fix was vise grips clamped to each end of the fuse. From there I cut the wires on each end and installed a in-line fuse that could be replaced.
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By clarkengelman
I don't know if every brand trail cam is like that but even if you take care of your cam, a simple fix has turned into costing money to send it for repairs just to have the date and time correct. Could be there way of making more profit out of an already purchased trail cam.
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By Ol Arky
Does the time and date work even though it's incorrect????

I'm kinda cheap... :D :D I would just reset everything including the time and date each time I turned the camera back on if it's that's when it looses the time and date setting...
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By clarkengelman
Yep everytime I reset the date, the very first transaction would read 01/01/2008, no matter what I did. My Moultrie m-80 just did the same thing.
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