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By Anthony
#355139 Yesterday I mounted a 12 watt solar panel on this camera on the tree at 4 feet high. It is big and shiny and no camo on it.

I have had this camera running for months in this location and never got a reaction until last night. Today I will go mount the solar panel up higher and see if can tell if it makes a difference. Will my buck come back?? :?

What if this buck never comes back? this lets you know the importance of being discrete and careful in your mounting. what if it was the scent? I did not think of that. This panel is brand new and likely has some scent to it.

Can a buck see a solar panel at 4am ? Maybe the moon created a reflection on it.... I know the new addition to his environment in one way or another affected his behavior.

It means we have to be super careful about placement, scent control etc for those wary bucks.
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By Anthony
#355140 Panel was just above the camera. This is the new set up. the panel is now at 7 feet high.
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By michiganbowbender
#355251 As discrete as I try to be in camera placement the high pressured deer around here seem to pick up even the smallest changes made in the area. I have no doubt that adding a solar panel, etc such as pictured would go un-noticed, thus creating avoidance of the area.
In my situation I could likely visit the area, swap batteries, cards, etc. with less of an intrusion factor than the solar panel might visually create.
Were talking mature animals here, 1 1/2 year old bucks are the dumbest animals in the woods and generally easily fooled by taking even the smallest of precautions to remain anonymous.
Deer see things much better than we do, especially in lowlight/dark of the night conditions.